Oct 8, 2011

Bucket List Concert: Dolly Parton

Last night I checked seeing one of the greatest female performers off of my bucket list. (Actually I need to add and then check it off of my blog bucket list...will do ASAP.)

I went with my in-laws, my sister-in-law, her parents and Nichole to see Dolly at the Cedar Park Center. You know something like this is going to be a good show just from the headliner but throw in floor seats and no opening act, just the woman herself, and well, you have fabulous.

Dolly was such a great performer. She chatted with us, thanked people (including local firefighters for their efforts with our wildfires, you know this scored her huge points with us), told stories, sang and danced her butt off.

I've got a Moustache Party to get to so instead of writing all about the show, I'll leave you with some photos. Enjoy!
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Brittney Garneau said...

WOW. This may be the most amazing concert I have never heard of. Dolly is AMAZING!

Cheryl said...

Girl, it was GOOD