Oct 30, 2011

Flashback: New Zealand

Sky diving overlooking Mt. Doom, Oct. 2006
(and I totally wore that shirt yesterday, still a fav)
I've been wasting an impressive amount of time on social media tonight. I could probably have done 100 productive things like fold laundry or wrap the remaining loaf of pumpkin bread. But no, I've been Facebooking and blog reading.

Blog reading took me to my old Australia blog. I am so glad I wrote this while I was abroad. Like so many memories, the more time between you and the memory, the more it fades. However reading about my adventures there takes me back to 2006 and the land down under.

I'm especially loving the New Zealand spring break posts as that was quite possibly the best vacation of my life. I always remember the highlights - black water rafting, skydiving, geyser park - but reading the blog helps me remember little things too like hikes we went on or naturally heated hot springs.

Maybe this is part of why I've always loved history. I mean really, our blogs, diaries, photo albums are our personal histories, full of the amazing moments that make up our lives.

What amazing moments in your life do you love to relive?

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