Oct 7, 2011

Hello again!

OMG we haven't talked all month. I've missed you so.

Here's what's been happening.

October 2 I flew to Baltimore for the Convio Summit - ie our client conference. I was there for four nights and three days of conference craziness. The event went really well over all. I led two presentations and I'm pleased with both. And on Wednesday we had the coolest moment ever with a couple from two client organizations. In fact ya know what, here's the video.

So that was really cool.

Also Wednesday night October 5 we had our big wrap party at Roy's in Baltimore. I hadn't heard of Roy's but apparently it's a small chain owned by celebrity chef, Roy. Turns out that night they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of Roy's so we got to be part of the party. Martinis from a fish-shape ice luge, the best slides I've ever had, ceviche, mushroom ravioli and lots of other really tasty food. To top it off, my director asked me to listen for his raffle tickets and he won! Which really meant I won which meant Lori, our event planner and Summit queen, won. We won a giant bottle of chardonnay, signed by Roy, which will be enjoyed at Lori's wedding next month.

October 6 I flew back to Austin and spent the afternoon being lazy with Lexi and enjoying a pedicure.

Today Ross is finally home from shift and we've been lazy together all day. In fact I just woke up from our family nap which he is still enjoying and Lexi simply followed me from the bed to the couch and continued her nap there. Soon though we'll make a big adventure to the party store to buy moustaches.

Confused yet? Why would we be buying moustaches? Because tomorrow is the annual Moustache Party in honor of the UT-OU game, ie Red River Shoot-out, and if you don't come with a moustache, purchased or grown, you are given one...via sharpie. So yes, we are buying moustaches.

Other random things that have been going on
  • Ross was changed from B shift to A shift. At first he was upset
  • But then he was put on engine 1 which as he says "the show." It gets the most calls and will give him the most experience. He'll start engine 1 duty on Wednesday and is very pleased.
  • Suite 102 is in business. As in our guest room has been frequently occupied lately and there's a bit of a waiting list for it. If you are coming to Austin and are interested in a lilac bedroom with a flo-blue bathroom, please make your reservation early.
  • Ross was pinned up at GFD. I couldn't make it due to the Baltimore trip but Nancy took video and I'll share it here soon. I'm so proud of him!
  • We had our first FaceTime experience. I realize this is so 2010 but we were a little behind. As a congrats gift for his pinning, Nancy and Jack got Ross an iPad. We FaceTime chatted with Meg on it today and it is cool! 
  • I pre-ordered the new iPhone! Of the many reasons I'm excited two are 1) FaceTime with the hubs when he's at work and 2) no more lag time when typing texts/emails due to having the stone-age version of the phone.
  • Dolly Parton concert tonight!
  • The Brits are coming...er, they are here. The Convio UK team is in the States and much time is being dedicated to their cultural education. Specifically focused around boots, Mexican martinis and two-stepping.
  • Ross kicks off Movember soon. Three words: moustaches, fundraising, cancer.
OK enough blogging for now. Must go wake the sleeping honey and go moustache shopping.


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