Jan 14, 2012

1H 2012

The first half of 2012 just got busier.

If you read my California Girl post, it already looked fairly busy. Ha! That's nothing compared to what's on the books now:

  • January: 3 speaking engagements, 1 in each city: Austin, Phoenix and NYC
  • February: This is the month I sleep. So far nothing other than Valentine's Day here.
  • March: Co-hostessing Brittany's Baby Shower, Cirque du Soleil date night, Janice's Bridal Shower, SxSW, Boston for Jane's wedding, start California trip
  • April: Finish California trip, Easter, Ross' birthday, my birthday
  • May: EuroTrip
  • June: Orlando to speak at TechKnow
As Mom used to say to me in high school as we drove from one cheerleading practice to another, "it's a good thing you like to be busy."

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