Jan 18, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Dear Cheryl, welcome to 2012.

When I was asked for approximately the 400th time about calling someone via Skype this week, I decided maybe it was time to get with the program. Tonight my friends, I downloaded Skype.

New headshot
Then I got crazy and decided I should have a mildly recent headshot to fill the avatar screen so that required some photo selecting and editing. (And now I'm wondering, should I maybe update LinkedIn, Blogger, etc for improved consistency and recency? Oh the really tough and important questions in life.)

Then - ooh! I can add contacts! Yes let's do that. Let's search my Facebook. I bet I find a dozen or so...or like 500 people I know who are on Skype. Apparently I really was last.

I didn't have the patience to sit down and add all of you. I apologize. I added Anna, AJ and my cousin Anthony because as A's I got to all of them before I was bored. The real purpose was to be able to call Kevin so I added him and on my way to K I saw Joe's pic and figured I might as well round out the Renaud family listing. So I have those five people. One day I'll get crazy and add the other 495 of you. Or you can find me. I'm CLBlack425...just like my username for nearly everything is. Creative right?

Watch out! Now that I've joined 2012, I'm gonna Skype you!

(That sounds somewhat violent doesn't it?)


Caro Lowe said...

Trust me. You are hardly the last one to download Skype! This requires a camera, right?


Cheryl said...

Yup, web cam required.

Anna Bryant said...

yay Skype.  I've never actually gotten skype to work.  Ben and I try and skype with his brother and its always either we can see them, or they can see us.  Never have we had two way video.  

But perhaps now that you have it we should try it again!!

Cheryl said...

Kev and I got it to work Thursday night so yes - try again! Once y'all nail it maybe I can Skype introduce you to Lexi.