Jan 10, 2012

Ruby's Pet Peeve

Some cars shake when you approach 80 mph, some car speakers pop when you try to rock out, some cars can barely make it up an on-ramp if they are low on gas. It's their way of telling you to not to drive so damn fast, to turn the music down or to fill up with gas already.

My little Ruby car is scenario three. She really hates being low on gas. Most cars can be "on empty" but still have 20 or so more miles in them.

Nope, not Ruby. One time I was on empty when I brought her home. The next morning I was about to go to the gym, turned the key and got nothing. Freakin' crickets. Ross was standing in the garage and he looked at me with the biggest "No way" eyes I have ever seen. I tried again and she started to purr. I immediately filled her up at the nearest gas station, cost be damned.

Today we had a little trouble with a wee hill, really had to stretch the little juice we had to get up what I didn't even realize was a slight incline until now, despite driving the same route for 2+ years. (You were above E old girl! Come on!) We promptly made a pit stop.

I love that little car and I'll probably consider buying another Hyundai when the time comes. In the meantime, I'm gonna make sure her little car belly is full (or at least half full) o' gas 24/7.

PS Musings about my car's gas habits led me to an idea and subsequent blog post about donor record keeping. OMG I am such a nerd.


Anonymous said...

Tito is OK with all of those, but he is starting to not be a fan of really cold mornings. On Black Friday he almost didn't start.

Alta said...

I think I might be the nerd, since I'm super excited to read this post about donor record keeping!

Cheryl said...

Haha I think it will be on connectioncafe.com next month.