Jan 27, 2012

Roma Boutique Hotel

Rome - done!

We started looking at Rome hotels earlier this week and came to a decision today. Ultimately the decision required a second assessment of our budget; Rome is an expensive city. We threw a bit of caution to the wind, did another search and within about 10 minutes, booked our hotel.

(Note we did about the same thing for our honeymoon. Spent months researching and when the time came to book, quickly changed our minds and made an impulse purchase.)

We'll be staying 2 nights at the Roma Boutique Hotel which looks just lovely. The room includes breakfast and has a king size bed, both things we place a high priority on. (My hubby is 6 feet tall, king beds are a must.) It's also very close to the Spanish Steps and seems close to the Vatican which is my no. 1 priority in Rome.

Very excited! We're just one hotel away from having it all booked!

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