Jan 5, 2012

California Girl

It's been unofficial for a while but now it's official - for six nights this spring I'm gonna be a California girl! I'll be adventuring first to San Diego to see Kevin for two nights and then on up the coast for a four night business trip to San Francisco. I've never been to either city so between that and seeing little bro, and knocking "San Diego Zoo" off my bucket list, I'm quite pleased.

Hotel in San Fran
This officially solidifies the first half of 2012 as just pure crazy. Pure wonderful fun crazy. Check it out:

  • January: 3 speaking engagements, 1 in each city: Austin, Phoenix and NYC
  • February: This is the month I sleep. So far nothing other than Valentine's Day here.
  • March: Cirque du Soleil date night, SxSW, Boston for Jane's wedding, start California trip
  • April: Finish California trip, Easter, Ross' birthday, my birthday
  • May: EuroTrip
I totally dig it.


Cheryl said...

It's really good that I can sleep in February. Really good.

Brittney Garneau said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your trips and activities - but more jealous than exhausted! Have fun!