Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 is here! At our house you can tell its New Year's Day because the Christmas decorations were all down by lunch, Christmas tree scented candles have been replaced by "soft fluffy towel" candles, the wreath on the door has been replaced by a "Home is Where the Heart is" Valentine's decoration and the Texans are on the TV. Sounds like January to me.

When Ross and I started 2011 we decided we just wanted to have a normal year. I kinda giggled at the idea of a "normal" year (I mean, really, what's normal?) but I have to say, it was. We didn't have any life changes and thankfully our families all remained happy and healthy. I know most years won't be so wonderfully uneventful and for the most part that's good (because it often takes an event to get to the next great thing). But after our crazy 2009 and a fairly eventful 2010, I'm very thankful for our blissfully easy 2011...and am breathing easier now I can say it without knocking on wood.

Here's lookin' at you 2012.

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