Jan 24, 2012

Man v Bathroom

You've heard of Man v Food but unbeknownst to me, at my house today it was Man v Bathroom.

Ross regrouted the tub last week and was keeping a close eye on it to see if it separated again like it had done in the past. That sneaky tub, it did. So today he tackled it again and it looks good as new.

Our toilet in the master bathroom had started running about a month ago. Not consistently...seemingly only at night actually (or maybe that's just when it was quiet enough for me to hear it). It wasn't anything a little jiggle couldn't fix so we were focusing on bigger priorities such as company parties and puppy dog parks in our time off. Apparently today it became too much for the hubs to stand. I came home not only to it fixed but to the whole tank gutted and rebuilt. We're now the proud owners of fancy low-flow toilet plumbing in our master bathroom.

If you aren't a homeowner, it's possible that these upgrades are lost on you. Goodness knows they would have been on me when I had a landlord. I would have simply notified said landlord and then come home to it magically fixed. Granted, since I have a wonderful hubby, my personal experience isn't that much different but I know how much work he puts into it. You should see how proud he is every time he tackles a new house project, especially the ones he's teaching himself for the first time. I'm so proud of his productivity, his new handyman skills and of my fancy freshly grouted, eco-friendly upgraded master bathroom.


Caro Lowe said...

Gotta love a handy man! (and upgraded bathrooms)

Cheryl said...

Yes, we're so earth friendly now :)