Jan 21, 2012

Hollywood Night

Last night we wrapped up 2011 with our annual party. In addition to being a fantastic party (I'll get to the details, just wait) this year was even more fun for me because having been there a year, I know everyone much better. Also Ross was able to join and since we've had a few functions with my immediate team recently, he knows them and their spouses. We even started with a little happy hour with them. I'm telling you, I work with some wonderful and fun people and despite spending 40 hours per week with them, I really enjoy seeing them socially too.

Anyways, back to the party. It was at a new-to-me location this year, the One World Theatre in Westlake. The theme was "Hollywood" and our party planner nailed it!

It began with complimentary valet parking, always a nice way to start the evening. Then they literally rolled out the red carpet up to the doorway. Our CMO and VP of Sales were greeting partyers on the red carpet with microphones, conducting interviews, asking who you were wearing, etc. ("A local designer"...ie I couldn't remember the name of the cute little boutique where I bought my dress.) As you walked through the door the "paparazzi" stopped you for photos.

Everyone was dressed to the nines. Ross bought a new tie for the occasion (I love his new tie, it's gorgeous) and paired it with his good pinstripe suit. He looked dashing, handsomest man there. I wore my gray dress from our own Christmas party and accessorized with some new black stud earrings and a big black cocktail ring.

The food and drinks were great. The decorations were awesome, lots of red and white. The annual awards were presented with videos from the Oscars dubbed over with our own audio. (I became the voice of Angelina Jolie.) One of our favorite things though was a flip book making booth. It was so fun! And the little book is great. So great that I wanted to share it and while I can't upload a flip book, I'm sharing the next best thing: our homemade video of our flipbook.Enjoy!

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