Jan 29, 2012

JetBlue, I heart you

Hotel View
View from my hotel in SoHo
Flying into NYC today I had my first JetBlue experience. While Southwest will always be my true love, JetBlue might be my airline mistress.

First, instead of being 5 seats and an aisle wide, it's just four. Nobody gets stuck in that dreaded middle seat (at least not on whatever model I was flying today). Second, they advertise more leg room and by George, I think it's true. I don't really have legs given that I'm 5'2" (or 5'3" if you ask Erin) but even my little legs felt like they had more room. Lovely. Third: snacks. I remember back in the good old days you got at least a snack on all flights and meals, albeit rarely good, included on some. Oh so many moons ago. But today not only did JetBlue give me a snack, it was a legit snack in terms of size and brand.

Finally, the most impressive part of all: my flight landed not on time but THIRTY MINUTES EARLY. When was the last time you had a flight land early? I can pretty confidently say I've never arrived that early before. It was amazing! It allowed me to see my lovely Kristin 30 minutes sooner (not that I took a picture to prove this to you...).

It's for all these reasons that I say, JetBlue, I heart you.


Brittney Garneau said...

It breaks my heart that your flights on Southwest have never been early! EVERY ONE of my Southwest flights from Little Rock to Houston have been 20 minutes early, and just two weeks ago when we flew to Michigan we had to wait 25 minutes in the airport for Chad's family to arrive because we landed 25 minutes early. I was particularly impressed by the fact that we landed early when coming from and arriving in a snowy, northern airport. Perhaps I've just had great luck on Southwest - I will test this theory again when we go to Vegas in August :)

Cheryl said...

I love Southwest and I rarely (if ever) have had a flight late. Usually they are early, by about 5 or 10 minutes but the 30 minutes early on JetBlue was so wonderfully above and beyond. Definitely worth granting mistress status. (And now at JFK in their terminal, I have free wifi which is also pretty awesome.)