Feb 24, 2013

1 More Room = Done

I told you we were getting our butts in gear on putting the house in order. It hasn't gone quite as we expected but the crib is built, the HOA docs have been submitted for the shed and I've been emailing with the glassblower who is doing the pendant lights. (Tangent: his studio is an hour+ away and I was not into driving up there to have a consultation because hello, I'm very very pregnant. Thankfully in addition to just seeming like a nice guy who wants to provide clients with a good experience, his wife is also pregnant so he totally gets it.)

iphone_picWhile it wasn't on the initial list, I'm pleased to report that I think I've finished decorating the downstairs bathroom. And really all that means is I finally hung some pictures. I deviated from my original plan but only by a smidge. Instead of two large photos from Italy, I ended up with a cluster of six.

I definitely wanted several that featured the rust-orange used so much throughout Florence as the handtowels I have in there included that color. I was open to having all three Italian cities we visited included but as it worked out, five photos are from Florence and just one (the little one with the lion carving) is from Venice. Nothing from Rome but considering that our entry way/staircase, which is right outside this bathroom, features a large photo of the Colosseum, I think we're in good balance.

Icing on the cake - because of the cluster arrangement I didn't have to do any measuring. It's also easy to adjust them a bit if I decide the spacing isn't quite right. And because we have a fairly good camera, I have a million other hi-res photos I could trade these out with if I decide my photo selection needs tweaking.

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