Feb 24, 2013

Very Pregnant

37 weeks and 3 days. I am VERY pregnant. Friday's doctor's appointment confirmed it.

Up until now my weight gain has been very low but everything was looking good so I was just chalking it to one of the good cards I drew in the game of life. Well Friday I got on the scale at the doctor and had put on FIVE POUNDS IN EIGHT DAYS. That means 27% of my total pregnancy weight gain occurred in just one week.

I guess this explains mine and Ross' perception that I was looking much bigger by the day.

I'm still in a super healthy, relatively low weight gain range but needless to say, that was quite a surprise. I asked the doc if we should be concerned or what I should change (if anything) and she said no reason to be concerned, just keep up with the normal healthy eating. I take that to mean possibly not eating ice cream seven days per week. Which is really quite sad. I haven't had any ice cream since then but I have every intention of buying frozen yogurt today and enjoying that tonight.

In other very pregnant news, yesterday I was especially cranky. Nothing was comfortable. (And the threat of an ice cream-less existence did not help.) Well last night we figured out at least one contributing factor: I was running a slight fever. We're 95% sure that it was a side effect to the TDAP vaccine I was given Friday (as in fever was among the 6 things you might experience in the days following the vaccine). Thankfully with some Tylenol, my temperature dropped within an hour and when I woke up this morning, 12 hours after crawling into bed, I felt entirely normal.

Here's to hoping today is a more pleasant day in pregnancy, if for no other reason than Ross is at work and the only person I'll have to whine to is myself and I really don't want to hear it from me.

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