Feb 20, 2013

Grandma Caro Knows

IMG_8356While Mom was visiting this weekend, she said to me "I realized nearly everything I've given you for the baby is travel related."

That, Grandma Caro, is because you know me. Car seat, stroller (with tight turning radius for navigating shoe store aisles), clutch-like diaper changing thing, car bottle warmer. Yes these are the things that Cade and I will need. This is, after all, the baby who will have seen both US coasts before his first birthday! (Cali in May, Boston in October - yay weddings!)

Also yup - Grandma Caro! Mom's family has traditionally done "Grandma [first name or nickname]" so growing up I had Grandma Betsy, Grammy Dot, and Grammy O. Caro is the nickname her college roommate and BFF gave her after deciding that Carolyn was simply too long of a name.

And finally, I realize I've become one of those women who only blog/talk about their baby. I promise I know there are other things in the world besides Baby Cade. One day, I may even blog about them.

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