Feb 21, 2013

We made it!

We've officially made it to the promised land. Full-term! 37 weeks pregnant and Baby Cade is likely the size of a stalk of Swiss chard. (I don't think that means chard like chardonnay which is really too bad because that sounds delicious.)

BabyCenter.com estimates 6 1/3 pounds but I know the margins of error are pretty big at this point. I mean some babies are big and some are small, they have to start trending that way eventually.

iphone_picRoss built the glider yesterday and I've finished packing the hospital bag (well at least as much as I'm packing it). We're making progress!

Now it's time to wait.

And wait. And maybe even wait some more.

I'm not pushing (pun intended) for him to come this month but pretty soon we'll start trying out every old wives tale there is to get Baby Cade out of my belly and into the world.

Spicy dinner destinations in North Austin/Round Rock anyone?

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