Feb 17, 2013

Showering Baby

This afternoon was our Austin baby shower hosted by Brittany, Nichole, Erin, Meg and Karen. I gotta tell you, I am lucky to have such fantastic girlfriends because I had another wonderful shower!

They served us delicious food (mmm southwestern egg rolls...mmm hot spinach dip...mmm), a beautiful jungle cake topped with a stuffed giraffe and pregnant lady friendly blue punch which I drank out of a special purple wine glass. We played the "how big is Mommy" game and fellow TriDelta alumna Megan won. I'm 11 sheets of toilet paper fat if you wanted to know.

And then so many wonderful gifties! My friends obviously know me well as books were a big part of today's shower too. They served as the cards and many have little notes to Cade written in them. Especially near and dear to my heart is Make Way for Ducklings from my parents. It is one of my favorite childhood books and when Cade travels to Boston with me in October for my cousin's wedding, we can actually go to the Public Garden and get his picture taken with Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings (well the statue version).

iphone_picToday's gifts were overwhelmingly also of the practical variety. Feeding accessories, pacifiers, swaddle blankets, bath time necessities, all things we really needed. Including, the gift that made me giggle most, a coffee maker. Up until now we've never had one and I don't even know how to work one honestly (I also only drink fancy Starbucks "milkshake for breakfast" style coffee so the lack of coffee maker is no problem in my life). But Ross recently announced that his infrequent coffee intake was going to increase with fatherhood so it was time to get one. His mom came through and now the dad-to-be will be caffeinated for those late night feedings (which I can assure you will be happening now that we have all the necessary supplies).

The girls took lots of pictures and I promise to share as soon as I have them. Thank you to my wonderful hostesses and to our many friends who helped us get ready for the arrival of the wee baby Cade!

Update: Picture Proof!




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