Feb 5, 2013

Call It Nesting

Call it nesting. Call it type A personality. Call it impatience. Call it what you will. The Black family is getting their butts in gear. We're tackling some of our outstanding house projects with a vengeance.

Before we moved we had this whole list of things to do. Then we moved, spent some money, freaked out and quit cold turkey. But recently we've been inspired by Meg & Stacy's impromptu home renovations. They are completely overhauling two rooms and making big-ish changes in another two rooms and here we are twiddling our thumbs about buying a grill. No more!

To keep us honest, here's our to-do list:
  • Pendant lights for the kitchen
  • Backyard shed
  • Crib building
  • Study curtains
  • Front porch light
  • Buy grill
The first three I'm hoping we can do before the baby arrives. The curtains in my study...eh whatever. Before I go back to work after maternity leave? That seems like a good enough goal. And I don't care at all about the front porch light but I know that's on Ross' to-do list so might as well keep it on here. And the grill needs a shed to call home so we'll get to that accordingly.

These may seem straightforward but let me tell you, the first two have more related sub-tasks than you would ever guess. From getting a quote on the lights (I have a dream of them being totally unique hand-blown glass from a local artist) to HOA approval on the shed, these are multi-step projects.

But darn it, we're doing them. Now.

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