Feb 14, 2013

Melon, Valentine's, Nursery

At 36 weeks Baby Cade's the size of a crenshaw melon (what is that??). That of course is just a baby generalization. We got the real deal in terms of info for our Valentine's Day celebration.

We had our 36-week ultrasound this morning. There's a pretty significant margin of error, 15%, but Cade is looking like about 6 pounds of baby thus far. Everything looks just as it should and he's even in position to make his grand entrance (or exit depending on your perspective). As my doctor told us, if I start having contractions we're now at the point where that'll mean it's on. And I'll have a baby. Holy guacamole.

Speaking of guacamole, Ross made me a delicious Valentine's Day dinner that started with a chips and guacamole appetizer. It might not sound super romantic but to a pregnant Texan it was a love poem. It might have been the first time he's made guacamole and it was tasty. Different from mine, less lime, but he's keeping his recipe a secret. Oh well, guess I'll just have to let him be in charge of the guacamole making from here on out.

Our delicious dinner also included pork loin, rice pilaf and asparagus. I am even fatter and happier now.

Post dinner I finally finished a happy task I hadn't gotten to all week. The nursery! With the exception of purchasing a glider, it is done! Yay! Enjoy the pictures of my two loves and the little home we're building for our soon-to-arrive love.




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