Apr 26, 2014

Good Deal Scorecard

I love to shop (no surprise). And I also really really love to get a good deal. It's like a game. Can I save more than I actually spend? How good of a deal can I get? Can I get a really nice item for a Target or Walmart price?

This also lends itself really well to the classic "honey, look how much I saved us!" v "look how much I spent."

Ross and I had agreed on a rough budget for my shopping spree, one that I felt like I could enjoy and not have to be a penny pincher, so hypothetically I didn't have to be an aggressive sale hunter this weekend. And when I say weekend, I do mean weekend. In the end I shopped Thursday evening, Friday afternoon and again this afternoon (there were 3 stores I really wanted to go to at the outlets that went unshopped yesterday and I just couldn't have that).

On today's excursion I finally found a purse that I liked. Purses are hard for me, especially if and when I want a small one like I was looking for this time. The criteria was small but big enough for phone, keys and wallet; straps long enough to easily throw over my shoulder but short enough that the purse hangs at chest height; and not a logo print. Coach had lovely leather options but the straps were all wrong. Michael Kors had a good size and strap length option but only in a really over-the-top logo print. Nine West, Banana Republic, Guess and the other stores really didn't meet the size requirements, all too small or too big. Fossil ended up being just right. And though I am usually a Coach girl, I realize the past 3 bags I have picked out have been from Fossil (today's buy, my laptop bag and my diaper bag). Their designers and I are clearly on the same page.

Work blouse, tshirt dress and Banana Republic tshirt
But anyways like I said, I just really really love a steal of a good deal. Walking away from my birthday shopping spree with way more than I expected because of the sales made for that much sweeter of a birthday celebration.

So here's my Good Deal Scorecard if you will. Keep in mind I did all my shopping at the outlets (or DSW) so everything was already lower than the regular store price.
  • Tshirt dress: 80% off (clearance)
  • Calvin Klein tshirt: 75% off (strangely the blue shirt was on a much bigger sale than the other colors; it is a lovely sapphire so I don't know why)
  • Heels: 62% off (DSW + clearance + $5 birthday coupon)
  • Jeans: 60% off (I wasn't shopping for jeans at all actually. I just put these on so I could see how the tops I was trying on looked with jeans. They fit great and the sale was so good I figured you can't have too many jeans, especially not in Texas. Also I always buy cheap jeans so there was something irrationally "grown up" feeling about buying higher end jeans.)
  • Banana Republic tshirt: 50% off 
  • Tank top: 50% off
  • Polo for Ross: 50% off
  • Purse: 40% off
  • Dress for wedding: 30% off
  • Work blouse: 20% off
  • Cardigan: 0% off but only $8 anyways (I have no idea how The Gap is selling cardigans for $8 even at the outlet but I'm not asking questions. Even if it only lasts a season, who cares.)
  • Work out tanks: 0% off (but the Old Navy price is 2 for $15; also not an outlet but Old Navy is easy peasy anyways)

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