Apr 23, 2014

Things are looking pretty stellar

Yes, indeed things here are looking pretty stellar if I do say so myself!

Tomorrow Ross and I are taking my former coworker out for BBQ at the Salt Lick. The lovely Margeaux and her sidekick Ryan are going to babysit Cade since it collides with his bedtime (and nobody wants a fussy baby at a restaurant). I'm looking forward to everything about this!

Then of course on Friday I turn the big 2-9 (for the first time). Ross and I have a lunch date, then I have a fancy pedicure and then probably some shopping.

Because a baby pic is
always a good idea
Sunday Erin, Jon and Rowan are coming over to celebrate birthdays and Jon's business ownership. Hurray happy hour!

In mid-May I am attending a marketing conference downtown. I haven't been to a conference that I wasn't "working" in ages. I am SO excited! Double excitement because Nichole is coming to town for the conference too!

There are probably more exciting things happening in May but the next thing I can think of right now is the Delta trip in June! One date night in Philly with the hubs and then two nights on the lake with all the girls (and their respective boys). WOOHOO!

And the newest addition to the super stellar list is a trip to Boston! Cade and I are going up there for five whole nights in September. We're flying with Nancy and Jack who are attending Jack's son's wedding on the Vineyard. We were all invited of course but with Ross' work schedule he can't make it. It works out though because Cade and I can go to Boston and Nancy and Jack can be my extra sets of hands for the flying part. I am really really really excited for Cade to meet his Boston family, Deltas and Delta children included.

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