Apr 26, 2014

Swimmin' swimmin' in the swimmin' pool

swim class_zoom
Swimmin' swimmin' in the swimmin' pool,
When days are hot
When days are cold
In the swimmin' pool
Breaststroke, sidestroke
Fancy diving too
Now dontcha wish that you had nothing else to do but...

Meg and Nancy joined us for swim class today. Yay! Cade definitely turned on the charm and was hamming it up for them. But I mean what else can you do when people clap every time you splash? Smile and splash more obviously!

It was also nice to have them there because now we actually have a picture of us together in swim class. ...And then I went a little crazy with the effects in Photoshop. But whatever. I can't do this kinda of silly stuff professionally so its fun to do here on the mommy blog.

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