Apr 25, 2014

The Last 20

Here it is, my last birthday as a 20-something. Or, more accurately, my first 29th birthday.

Today I celebrated with a slew of simple, yet good in life, activities.

Playing with my little boy, the gym and walking Lexi in the morning. Then Ross and I had an early lunch together outside at a Japanese steakhouse and sushi place (they have a really tasty cooked roll called the Round Rock Roll that I was craving). We spent lunch talking about our perfect child, our awesome Europe trip two years ago and daydreaming about future vacations. I told him again that I'd like to go back to Europe for our 10th wedding anniversary and he told me (again) that yes, that sounds like a good idea. The debate is now do we go to Germany/Switzerland or Spain/Portugal. I vote for the latter but we have 5 more years to decide so no worries.

UntitledThen it was on to a fancy schmancy spa pedicure. The day spa I went to served wine and had a crystal chandelier. FANCY. It was a lovely long pedicure and a great birthday treat.

While enjoying my pedi and wine, the weekly newsletter from Cade's school arrived in my email. Per the usual it was very cute. However this week it had an extra special inclusion. It said "After our viewing of the chrysalises [caterpillar cocoons], our youngest Sweet Pea [Cade] quickly moved to our library and chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar and began to look at it. What a remarkable cognitive connection!" Not that there was any doubt before, but clearly my child is a genius. Seriously though, I was so proud of him I almost injured myself grinning. I forwarded the newsletter to Ross, grandparents and Auntie Meg immediately. All agreed that he is an incredibly gifted and intelligent child.

After my pedi (and the most awesome preschool newsletter of all time) I headed up to the Round Rock outlets for some focused shopping time. I had five items I really wanted to buy during my birthday shopping spree: small-ish purse, nude shoes, black blazer, white button-down and a dress for Margeaux and Ryan's wedding. My shopping trip resulted in 2/5 and a slew of other items. At one point I was in Banana Republic and had to finally ask for a dressing room because I could not humanly carry any more clothes.

At the end of my shopping adventure I took home 2 dresses (including 1 for the wedding), a t-shirt, 3 tank tops (2 for working out), jeans (from Banana Republic that fit like a charm and were 60% off!), a cardigan, nude heels (actually purchased yesterday), a work blouse, pants for Cade (for Margeaux and Ryan's wedding) and a polo for Ross. It was a good shopping trip by all accounts. The highlight was probably the dress for the wedding which I sent a picture of to Nichole and she congratulated me on my purchase. That's right, my friend with a fashion degree congratulated me on a trendy purchase. She and I were both very proud.

Then I met Brittany for happy hour at a local wine bar. Mmmm, it was divine. Wine and delicious happy hour appetizers. Tasty!

I made it home just in time to snuggle Cade and put him to bed (Ross definitely had it covered but kept Cade up 5 minutes late so I could see him and say good night).

And so completes my birthday celebration. A great day indeed with lots of relaxation and some very much enjoyed indulgences.

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