Apr 4, 2014

Montessori Week One

Dear Montessori, enjoy day 2 of the plaid shorts fashion show.
Many, many more to come.
Cade's first week at Montessori is officially in the books! Overall, it went very well.

Thankfully he's pretty OK (knock on wood) with being dropped off. I think this in large part has to do with the afternoons he spent at Erin's for the past 9 months. Mommy leaving and him playing with another grown up and babies is old hat at this point.

Moving to one nap has been a little bit more of a challenge but still, not terrible. He's napped 1-1.5 hours at school each day. Ideally he'd nap for more like 2 hours. However, until that gets sorted out, "short nap" just translates into "early bedtime."

We also suspect he might be getting his top teeth so the shorter-than-ideal naps may have less to do with school and more to do with that. Who knows. Every time he is cranky and not napping/sleeping well, I think it has to be teeth. So far I've only been right once.

Of the many things I like about his Montessori school so far, the weekly class update is high on the list. We received it as an email this afternoon highlighting three things the kids have been working on. And Cade was even featured* in a picture! Obviously this was immediately forwarded to grandparents and his Dad.

And in non-Cade news (who even knew there was such a thing), there's some serious spring cleaning happening around this house. For the past year, deep cleaning has not been a priority; feeding, clothing, bathing and loving our kiddo has been. But we're taking advantage of these first few weeks of our new schedule to whip this place into shape. Between the two of us today we got new tires for the truck, mulched the trees out back, pulled weeds, folded 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed and cleaned out the (huge under-the-stairs) coat closet. I'm sure these levels of productivity won't last for long but we better make the most of them while we can.

*The class only has 6 kiddos so I think every kid was in at least 1 picture.

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