Feb 24, 2007

For the Love of the Move

I was talking to Nate the other day -- well we talk most days. But besides the point. I've generally been pretty excited for my move. I do my best not to get too excited to where my excitement for the future over takes my ability to enjoy the present. Really I try. But I've got to tell you...

Moving to Austin is going to be awesome!

Besides that Austin is just this cool fun small liberal city in Texas -- basically everything I want, its going to be great because of the people who are going to be there. Now I know some of them won't be there indefinitely but I'll take what I can get. Amy and Kelley will be there this summer. Fernie sounds like he will be in and out this summer. Shannon's local and if she has anything to say about it, Henry will be local soon as well. Louise is there. Dorian's going to be around at least for a little bit. KBR is there with her crew. Little brother will be there for the summer. Melissa is going to visit, as will Zach and Mandi and hopefully Jerry.

And NATE! Nate and I are going to be great roommates. First, he's told me that I can decorate b/c he hates to decorate. Sweet!! And then a couple days ago he asked me if we could have lots of parties and themed parties at that. I'm sorry, did you really have to ask? Just watch my inners southern woman/sorority girl come out! Themed parties are the best thing ever. Now we just need an apartment...

Oh yeah and a job. Does anyone have one of those they could give me? That'd be great, thanks :)

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