Feb 18, 2007

Jet Set is My Middle Name

Apparently "Jet Set" is my middle name; or so my friends are trying to convince me. In the past say 2 weeks, I've been told to go on or have discussed going on the following trips

Winter cruise with AJ to someplace warm
Bonnaroo with AJ, Joe, Bob, Ben, Val, Justin and whomever else they can convince
SB08 to Chicago with Lindsay to visit Megan
Vegas with Amy and Kali

I'm all about these trips but I think at some point, I will have to go to work to earn the money for these trips. And if I'm at work I can't be outta town -- as much as I would like to be in two places at once.

Its a rough life to have such awesome friends who all want to travel together. Rough life indeed.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

you can be jet set. just don't fly jetblue. you'll be all fired up about your destination but may end up stranded at an airport instead of soaking up life like you wanna be. just my two cents. ;-)