Feb 20, 2007

The Neighbor Kids

ice sculpture
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The kids next door are a little eclectic to say the least. In the time I have lived next door to the purple house...
They have attended one of our parties and brought with them homemade jam. They've sent a scared freshman boy over to ask if he could attend a sorority party (while it was happening). Until recently they owned chickens. Sadly the chickens live in Vermont now. Once upon a time they had a trampoline in their backyard. Now there's a boat in the backyard. Last September they had camp fires (minus the fire) complete with singing and guitar playing. And sometimes when its warm outside, we open the windows and chat back and forth with them.

So on Saturday when a few of them were making sculptures out of slabs of ice, Bob and I thought nothing of it...except that it was wicked cool!! So Bob grabbed his camera, took this pic and now its in the Daily Free Press.

Randomly and only mildly related, I discovered del.icio.us today. If I can figure out a cool way to link it to this blog I may do that. I'm very much a novice at all things that cool but maybe one day I will learn and I can share. But if you see a del.icio.us link, have no fear. Click on it and I promise to bring you cool pictures and articles. Actually, I pinky promise.

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