Feb 25, 2007

With a Side of Karaoke Please

pre hot tub
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Thank you Auntie Pam for basically rocking at life.

Auntie Pam (AJ's real auntie, my adopted auntie) made dinner for AJ, Megan, Kim and myself last night. Delicious pasta and meatballs. We had a little wine and cheese with a side of karaoke to start the night off. Then the aforementioned fab dinner. Then on to the hot tub for a couple hours. It was excellent! I don't see nearly enough of Kim or Megan and I couldn't ever see enough AJ. Great gals night...and one that saw me in bed before 11:30p.

Megan just signed a lease for her place in Chicago! I'm so excited for her. She's living with her sister and will be there pretty quickly after graduation. We've celebrated her new place in a cool new city and in a few weeks we'll celebrate my new place in a cool new city.
As Meg and I were dicussing, its a little scary but we are pretty OK with it.

Bring on the red robes BU, bring them on.

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