Feb 12, 2007

Obamania Hits 14A

AJ, Bob and I are so glad Obama finally announced his candidacy for president. I'll admit, at first I wasn't sure if '08 would be his year. And I'm still not totally sold, for the old cliche reasons.

1) He's young and unexperienced. But we saw what old did for us, so hey, lets run with something new.
2) He's black. Now I have no issue with this as I praise the ground he walks on but lets face it, its going to be a challenge he'll have to work past. I thought, and still sometimes think, a VP ticket may be the way to go on easing the country into this. Only the primaries will tell though.
3) His past isn't flawless. This isn't going to go away with time though and since I want him to be pres or VP someday, might as well be now as far as his past goes.

But I am LOVING Barack because
1) He is an outstanding speaker. A good mix of educated and common.
2) He's socially liberal but not way out in left field past the foul line. Its a nice happy moderate liberalism that I'm all about.
3) He has the youth wrapped around his little finger. Just check out his website (www.barackobama.com). He's onto the social networking addiction that everyone under 25 suffers from. Whether its him or his marketing people, this website is genius. Links to facebook YouTube and flickr. If nothing else, old Obama is the man for knowing to hire these marketing folks.
4) The man has solid education plans. I know a candidate will never be anything but in favor of improving education but his sound pretty solid. I'd be willing to take a chance on them.
5) Oprah says he's a good man. And if you can't believe Oprah, who can you believe

If I could figure out how to play John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change" that would be the song I would insert here. So just imagine it playing in the background.

Cheers yall


Kristen said...

I'm thinking it's just a matter of time before we'll be able to play songs on our blog entries. I can't wait.

Loved this entry by the way.

Why does it seem I'm the only one of your avid fans that leaves comments on your blog. Do we need to shake some people up, or am I truly your only reader. ;-)

Cheryl said...

I think its you and my mom :) but thats ok with me, the blogging keeps me entertained and sometimes, I think thats all that matteres.

Kristen said...


Mom (aka: Carolyn) said...

It's true! I check this blog site on a regular basis. It's entertaining for me as well.