Feb 10, 2007

Out of Sydney, Into Boston

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Its sorta like if you saw a pilgrim. or a confederate soldier. You know they exist(ed) but they don't exist in this world.

I know my Sydneysiders exist but they exist in Sydney. Not in Boston. Except this weekend.

Over the course of yesterday most of them arrived in Boston and at the glorious home of 14A. Jake and Melvin flew in from Detroit. Liz took the train in from Worcester. Ashley in from Maine. And Mere and Kristina made the long long walk through Allston to get to 14A.

We really wish Al had been able to make it from Australia but he couldn't come to the party so we brought the party to him. With the one minute on Ashley's phone card we called Australia and yelled in disconnected unison "Al!!!" I think he finally figured out who we were and why we were happily yelling...I think.


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