Feb 4, 2007

Little Bit o' QT

Its been a weekend of serious roomie bonding.

Friday night AJ beat Bob and I at scrabble and yahtzee. And yesterday she beat us at yahtzee again. Personally, I'm done playing games with her. She always wins.

Better than board games though, I had a fabulous date day with my AJ yesterday. We went to the MFA and saw this sweet exhibit on fashion because one of my clients was involved in the production of it. And we had lunch downtown and then we went shopping. I sorta felt like her mom when I said "AJ...ya know whats here don't ya? If you want, we can go to Williams-Sonoma!" W-S is like her version of Tiffany's. So I took her hand and led her on a mecca. I swear the store just glowed as we approached it.

Then it was home to play with Bob a little. He's been printing pics for us and we're hanging them all in our kitchen. Its such a cute set of pics too! They are all roomie pics plus a few of Val and Kristin. But ya know, if Bob and AJ are my immediate Boston family, Val and Kristin are not so distant cousins.

I suppose there is nothing extraordinary about the weekend's events but it makes me so happy to spend time with them. Its been decided, we have to cram the next five years of bonding into the next 3 months or so.
Its like stock piling the love.

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