Feb 24, 2007

The Night We Drove to Rhode Island

Last night I was home for about 30 minutes when AJ and her friend Ben got to the house and told me that not only were we going to dinner but we were going to Rhode Island. To see a band at a place as Val would say. Only in places like Boston do you drive to the next state to see a small band at a small bar.

Let me just say that bars in New England but outside of the city are an experience in and of themselves. Val's beer was all but free and my cape codder had maybe a shot of cranberry in my vodka. Not to mention the overwhelming over 30 crowd. It was a fusion of the Landsdowne in Sydney which on Fridays would transform from easy going 20-something's bar to goth band bar and Sherlock's, the only pub back home in CL. Yup, we drove 45 minutes to go to Pawtucket RI's version of Sherlock's.

At least the singer in the band, Lourds, was amazing. That girl could play a wicked violin.

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