Feb 14, 2007

The Law of Inconvenience

I have a theory, much like Murphy's Law actually; The Law of Inconvenience.

Say in life you would like Thing A. Just generally speaking, Thing A is thought to be a good. The Law of Inconvenience says Thing A will become yours/happen when it is totally inconvenient in life. Not inconvenient to the point of causing harm, just to the point of you would never pick that time in life for Thing A to actually occur.

And this friends, is how/why life stays interesting. It's happened to all of us. My parents, for example, decided they were ready to have a baby, figuring it would take a few months to get pregnant -- haha well I had news for them; I was ready to be conceived. My senior year of high school I was about as anti boyfriend as I could be, though boyfriends are typically considered a good in my life. What happened? Oh there was shortly a boyfriend of course, and ya know, he and I had a pretty good run.

All that said, with an openness and to-hell-with-practicality attitude that not even I am sure about at the moment, perhaps I shall have coffee with Thing A.

Happy Valentines Day yall

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