Dec 4, 2011

And party we did

Last night was our annual Christmas party. Each year there's a battle of wills - I want a cocktail party, Ross wants a frat party. The result, girls in pretty dresses playing beer pong in the garage.

The house was fully done up in its holiday glory with Christmas candles, "let it snow" handtowels, lassoing Santas and a sleigh napkin holder. I had what I think was a fairly impressive spread on the table: chocolate chip cookies, artichoke dip, tortilla pinwheels, pigs-in-a-blanket, and of course the staples, chips and salsa. I also whipped up hot spiked cider (and a smaller pot of hot virgin cider for our two prego friends).

Ross had the garage set up for party central. Beer pong in the middle, keg to one side, darts on the wall and washers just outside the garage in the driveway. It was quite the place to be.

I might venture to call this our most successful Christmas party yet. Here's why
  1. I wore a hot new dress and felt like a million bucks
  2. We floated the keg but still had cider and overall perfect amount of booze
  3. All our worlds collided with about 30 guests who all seemed to get along 
  4. Deltas! Not the usual suspects but 2 new ones via the Austin alumna chapter
  5. The party happened both in the garage and in the decorated house
  6. Someone usurped my camera and I actually ended up with photos
  7. Last guests helped with some initial clean up making this morning not too shabby 
  8. Gifts of wine were plentiful - I have more now than I bought for the party
  9. Total fatalities: just one wine glass
Enjoy the pics!


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Brittney Garneau said...

I  will now add "Ross and Cheryl's Christmas Party" to my mile-long list of reasons to move back to Austin.