Dec 20, 2011

If you can't fry it, spray paint it gold

A few months ago, the six year old across the street, Jaelyn, and I were walking Lexi. On our walk Jaelyn collected herself a nice big pinecone and I told her about how Grandma and I used to decorate them like Christmas trees when I was little. She asked if we could do that and I told her sure, closer to Christmas we could.

The least messy spray painter ever
Today she held me to my half of the bargain. In our scrubby clothes we laid out wax paper in the garage, lined up our three pinecones and got to work.

First we spray painted them gold. Then Jaelyn Elmers glued them with stripes. The two small ones we glittered green and the big one we glittered red. The very tippity-tops were given the alternate color. I offered to let her do all the glittering, since that's the fun part, but she said no, I could help. The gluing, she told me, is the really fun part and judging from the amount of glue she used, I'd have to agree.

Finished product
Now her lovely Christmas cones are drying in the garage and tomorrow will be delivered to her house to become what I assume will be the centerpiece of all holiday decorations. I mean really, how could gold and glittery pinecones be anything but the centerpiece?

PS The post title comes from a book Jane gave me in college, The Official Guide to Christmas in the South...or if you can't fry it, spray paint it gold. I couldn't help but think of this as I bought and employed that little bottle of gold metallic paint.

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