Dec 31, 2011

Italy:Austria :: Texas:New Mexico

Remember in elementary school you had to do those analogies, X is to Y as A is to B. And it would be something like big is to small as black is to white.

Well it's New Years Eve and that's what I'm (happily) doing. I was looking at a map and thought "wow, are Italy and Austria as close as we think? Rome and Vienna kinda look far away."

I did exactly what any other Gen X/Yer would do, I Google Map searched it. They are about 775 miles apart. That's pretty similar to driving from Austin to Los Alamos, New Mexico. And for those of you with shady southwestern US geography, New Mexico is a neighbor state of Texas.

Yup, what in Texas only takes you to the next state in Europe will result in another stamp on my passport.

While I was originally thinking I wouldn't have any 2012 new year's resolutions (other than to make less resolutions) I'm now thinking I might have one: see Italy and Austria. With any luck, that one's in the bag.

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