Dec 24, 2011

Christmas Part 2

This evening was Christmas Part 2, Ross' family. We meandered over to Nancy and Jack's mid-afternoon and ready to relax until present time.

Since Ross' work schedule doesn't let him easily come to Houston, we do our big Christmas with his family and then I go to Houston on Christmas Day to see mine. This all means that the main gift exchange happens Christmas Eve.

He lucked out this year and didn't have to wait for normal present opening time for his gift. As soon as we walked into the house he was greeted by his big gift - a shiny blue bicycle. It was perched under the tree for him, adorned with a silver bow, just like a kid would receive a bike on Christmas Day. Straight out of the movies. And from his reaction, I think he really loves it.

Just hangin' out, watchin' football
Once the surprise of the bike passed, we hunkered down for appetizers, football and drinks. Around 4:30p we started present opening. Even though there were just six adults at Christmas Eve, it's amazing how many presents we had! Let me hit the highlights.

Ross gifted me with my third and biggest present: Cirque du Soleil tickets. We have exceptional seats for the performance at the Cedar Park Center in March. I can't wait! I've always wanted to see this and March is the perfect month to already have a date night on the calendar. Good job hubby!

As for the other highlights...we gifted Meg with a Coach wallet and Jack and Nancy gifted her with a Kuerig one-cup coffee maker. Earrings (courtesy of Lexi, she's so good), perfume and a fancy schmancy blow dryer also found their way into Meg's gift pile. Meg gifted me with beautiful tea light holders and Ross with two books that are right up his alley.

Really excited about socks and boxers
Jack gifted Nancy with several pieces of Waterford crystal, including two wine glasses in the same pattern as two she already has. Nancy gifted Jack with a whole new wardrobe from Eddie Bauer. We gifted Jack and Nancy with two wine tasting kits.

Nancy and Jack gifted us with a personalized world map to track our travels on and a cashmere scarf/hat set for me and several good work out outfits (plus socks and boxers, can't have too much of that) for Ross.

Stacy gifted us with very good margarita making tequila, of which we'll likely invite him to partake. We gifted him with an Alamo Drafthouse giftcard and a six pack of "reinbeer."

And the all around stockings overflowed with books, fancy shower gels, candles, gift cards and more.

Post-presents it was mealtime. Nancy hit a homerun with prime rib and I'm pleased to report that both my broccoli dish and my cake balls were huge hits.

Needless to say it was a very merry Christmas :) We hope your Christmas Eve was just as wonderful as ours!

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