Dec 17, 2011

Cuddle Pup

Put the computer away, Mom. Sleepy time.
Thursday night Lexi and I had a mini wiener dog over for a slumber party. It was like most slumber parties - very little slumbering.

But it did confirm something for me: I'm definitely a big dog person.

The little pup cuddled in bed with me at one point but there was hardly any puppy to cuddle with! I couldn't hug her with my arms...I guess I could have hugged her with one hand. Hand hugs are just not the same though.

Now Lexi, she's a cuddler; she snuggles up, stretches out next to you and becomes the little spoon. You've got more than 50 pounds of puppy love to hug on and it's awesome. How I ever slept without 50 pounds of big puppy next to and at times, on top of me will forever remain a mystery.

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