Dec 10, 2011

I am my mother's child

Every holiday my mom tries to put some crazy non-traditional (as in non-traditional for the Lowe family) item on the menu. Duck or seafood or...I don't even know what. But she's that crazy aunt in the family and I tease just a little about it.

Except today I'm trying to decide what veggie I'll bring to Christmas Eve and as I say "green bean casserole is boring. We always eat green bean casserole" it's like I can hear my mother's voice. She must be standing next to me...

I'm Googling and Campbell's Kitchen searching for something, anything different from green bean casserole, that's still veggie based and tasty.

And every time I holler to the hubby "how about broccoli in a lemon cream sauce?" or "creamy veggie medley?" all I get back is "I just want steamed broccoli. You can add cauliflower if you wanna make it interesting."

Maybe I'll just bring wine.

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