Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Part 1

Receiving is good, giving is better and shopping for it is best of all.

Not to brag, but this year I think I did a bang up job on Christmas presents. Of course, I haven't been able to share them with you, lest the recipients read this blog (and I'm pretty sure at least a couple of them do...Mom). However the first wave of presents has been given and received so now I think I'm in the clear to share a few of my faves with you.

We sent Kevin a whole Christmas box out to San Diego. The best thing in there were two Fit Decks. Ross discovered Fit Decks this summer at the fire station. They are the same size and shape as playing cards and each one has directions for a different exercise as well as how many reps to do for beginner, intermediate and advanced. The idea is every work out you shuffle the deck so that no two work-outs are alike.  Ross loved his two decks so much we got me two (perfect for hotel room work-outs while traveling) and got Kevin two as well. Kev's two are the basic deck and then the Navy Seal inspired deck.

And of course to balance the exercise, we included a restaurant gift card and Hershey Kisses in the Christmas box.

Ava watching Asa fly his plane
Yesterday we did a mini family Christmas with our nieces and nephew at their non-Turner grandparents' home (which is very conveniently about 10 minutes from us and 2 minutes from our best bud Ryan who celebrated his birthday yesterday). We gave Asa a construction set for a model airplane, for Ava a bead set and instruction book for making jewelry and for baby Adele a cardboard book about Captain Teddy Bear. We only stayed at Christmas for a quick second but Nancy sent me text updates and before the day was over, Asa had already built his plane, Ava was experimenting with her beads and Adele had "read" her book at least three times. (Likewise I've enjoyed our gifts from the kids very much; I've already eaten 75% of the chocolate we received.)

Here's to hoping they enjoy their gifts at least half as much as I enjoyed shopping for them!

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