Jul 11, 2011

Flickr, This Means War

First, I should qualify this with I know that I have OCD and I know not a single one of you has ever noticed what I'm about to complain about. But God Almighty it drives me crazy.

Post wedding I changed EVERYTHING web in my life to be "CLBlack425." Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and last week, even YouTube. I cannot change Flickr.

It drives me insane. If you are in marketing, you can appreciate the value of consistency. It's how you brand something. Not to say Cheryl Black is a brand (yet) but my inner-marketing person just wants to be consistent. Am I being a bit of a perfectionist? Yes.

When I got onto Google+ this week (more on that later), this inconsistency stared me down

Do you see that? Consistent, consistent, consistent - BAM inconsistent. 
I've now written to Flickr for a second time begging to be allowed to change my URL. After all, I actually *pay* for Flickr. That's right pay. I'm not sure if they'll bend but I sure hope so.

I also created a new Flickr account with the URL Flickr.com/photos/clblack425. I am slightly tempted to start moving all my photos over. Slightly. Do you know that I have 3000+ photos? And it would have to be done manually, one at a time. Even at 10 per day it would take me a whole year! Am I that insane? Maybe. I haven't decided yet.

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