Aug 20, 2010

Anniversary Adventure

I know it isn't polite to talk about money. But to really get your help, I'll need to a little.

Our anniversary is in about two months and we're going to celebrate it big time. However, I'd love your input on where we go as I'm kinda a novice on this one. Here's our goal:

Spa resort within 5 hours of Austin, $500 or less

We can go for just one night, that's fine. Or a couple nights would be fun too. Bottom line though, our room and spa treatments must equal less than $500 and it would be ideal of most of our meals could work their way into that budget too.

I've done a little bit of research and here's what I've come up with thus far.

    Horseshoe Bay
  • Horseshoe Bay Resort on Lake LBJ is my first choice at the moment, so much so in fact that the budget was set as it's what this option would set us back. There are several dining options on-site, spa services, pools and of course, the lake. It's about two hours from home I would say, maybe even less.
  • Lajitas Resort is way more than 5 hours away. It is in Big Bend and is a whole whopping 9 hour drive. However, I've never been to Big Bend (I don't think Ross has either) and we could make a full long-weekend trip out of it. Also, Ross loves west Texas and after my one adventure there, I'm not opposed. And the price is right, especially since they are offering stay for two nights and the third is free.
  • Dolce Lakeway Resort is on Lake Travis which is very pretty...but within an hour of home. I know that shouldn't matter too much but you are talking to the lady who refused to go to Girl Scout camp in her hometown and insisted her mother drive her all the way to Conroe for camp AND then who refused to apply to colleges within a three hour radius of home. I am so not a home-body. I mean this is a chance to go someplace new. Maybe we should save Dolce for when we have kids and hours on the road are inconvenient, even for couple retreats. That's good rationale right? (Side note: the price is better than right.)
  • Escondida Resort is one I stumbled upon tonight. It's about 2.5 hours west, into the Hill Country. It looks really nice and offers a couple's massage. And in fact, Fredericksburg is on the way so it could call for a wine tasting on the way out.
  • Lost Pines Resort is in Bastrop. I'll just go ahead and throw it out there now - no matter how lovely I hear this place is, I am not spending my anniversary in Bastrop. That I just cannot do. (And it feels like this is THE young couple's place to go if you are from Austin, which is fine. But in addition to having an urge to go far, I also have an overwhelming urge to do something unique, as if it matters.)
Obviously I am biased to Horseshoe Bay but I am really trying to be open to other ideas. I'm not entirely sure why I think I should consider other locations but alas, I do. Do you have any recommendations? Anything in the Houston or Dallas areas?

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eringobragh said...

I'm not much help here, but I was at a wedding at Horseshoe Bay in June, and enjoyed our short visit. We stayed in a paseo villa and it was huge. Pools were pretty standard and busy, but we walked around during the reception and the grounds were really pretty around the putting course. Hope you find a fun place!