Aug 16, 2010

Summer Reading List

This summer, especially the past month or so, I've been inhaling books. I've been in the middle of one with another on deck all summer. And for being such a loyal blog reader, you get the priceless gift of reviews...or I just want to practice reviewing things so maybe one day I'll get paid for it. Either way, here are my reviews of my summer reading list.

The Associate, by John Grisham: If you like Grisham or Law & Order, you'll like this book. A brand-new associate out of Yale Law is blackmailed into spying on his employer. Props to Grisham for writing a book based above the Mason-Dixon line. Bottom Line: good read.

The Twentieth Wife, by Indu Sundaresan: Nearly left on the side of the road as a baby by her poor immigrant parents, Mehrunnisa captures the eye of India's favorite son and sets her own sights on becoming empress. Based on a true story, it seemed to me that the author did a great job maintaining the historical integrity. Bottom Line: must read.

The Ivy Chronicles, by Karen Quinn: A quick read and fluffy girl-book. Newly divorced and fired Ivy discovers a career in helping NYC's rich get their precious little children into elite kindergartens. The antics are absurd but given what I've seen parents do in little league/gymnastics/Girl Scouts...I doubt that they are far off the mark. Bottom Line: bubble bath reading.

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins: Set somewhere in the far future, 12 districts are ruled by the oppressive Capitol. To reiterate its power, the Capitol requires every district to send 2 child tributes to the annual Hunger Games where the tributes will fight to the death. The winner's district will eat heartily for the next year; the other 11 districts will not. A young adult book, it is less about the sci-fi element of it and more about the head-games of fighting to the death. I read this book in less than two days and was disappointed when it finished because I wanted to keep reading. (Thank you Nichole for the recommendation.) Bottom Line: buy. it. now. must read.

Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, by Tracy Quan: Another fluffy girl-book, but one I can't say I recommend. It was OK for the most part but the last 10 pages take the main character on a 180 that really isn't explained. Bottom Line: don't.

In the Woods, by Tana French: Set in contemporary Ireland, Adam Robert Ryan is a detective assigned a murder case in his the same woods where 20 years earlier, his 2 best friends disappeared and he was found scraped and bloody hugging a tree. The present murder story is great but the cold-case doesn't intertwine as well as it could making for a disappointing finale. Bottom Line: eh, indifference. (or, re-write the ending yourself)

Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins: The sequel to The Hunger Games, it picks up practically at the same train station the other leaves off at. With a more complicated plot and a little less character development, it satisfies the "must read more" hunger from the end of the first book. As the second of a planned trilogy, it is definitely setting the scene for the final book, Mockingjay due out August 24. Bottom Line: read before August 24!

Now I must begin The Constant Princess so I can report back to you on that. How I love summer reading :)

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