Aug 30, 2010

The Austinites

Most the time, Ross and I are your typical young, suburban couple. We go to work, eat dinner together, do chores, love on the pup, etc. We BBQ with friends, run errands and sit on back porches.

It all makes me feel very Texan, which I love. But sometimes I want to feel like an Austinite, get out of cookie-cutter suburbia and live it up Austin style. (Note: this rarely if ever means I want to go to 6th Street after 8 p.m. That is not being an Austinite; that is being a UT student.)

And this weekend, without really even planning to, we were very Austinite-ish. As you know we hit up the downtown dog park along Town Lake, like a couple of yuppies with their puppy. Then on Sunday, we got up the gumption to go to the Austin Chronicle's 20th Annual Hot Sauce Festival in Waterloo Park. Talk about Austin-acious! Hosted by a local paper, in a downtown location, entrance fee of canned good donation to local food bank, eating the national condiment of Texas, sweating bullets because its 100000 degrees and listening to live music in the background. The only way it could have been more Austin-ish was if we were drinking Mexican Martinis but that is just inappropriate at 11 a.m. on a Sunday.

I loved loved loved feeling so local this weekend. I'm looking forward to doing even more local things in the next few months, especially now that I have more girlfriends living nearby.

On a similar note, I had another Austinite moment today and just had to giggle. I was grocery shopping, and suddenly realized that along side my (newly adopted) organic produce were my reusable shopping bags. My mind wandered to our solar patio lights, desire for hybrid cars, all-natural puppy food and I just giggled. Ross may fashion us to be red-blooded conservative Texans but I think my slightly liberal more Austin-esque ways are winning out!

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