Aug 8, 2010

Party in Leander Y'all

Blake & NickI've found one of the casualties of getting older to be proximity. Our friends are starting to have (really cute) kids and need room to stretch out. The first of these here in Texas was really Nick & Kristi who had baby Blake in February, giving them 1.5 kids (Nick has a kindergartner who is with them on weekends). They stretched all the way out to Leander which if you aren't from Austin is fair to say is far. Its a great move for them, especially since Kristi teaches in a Leander elementary school. But it does lend itself to a somewhat comical feeling of making a great adventure when we go to their house as we did last night.

WashersAs I talk to our friends, I realize that Nick & Kristi aren't going to be the only ones in the boonies for very long. Jon & Erin are looking at a house literally 1 minute away from them, also in Leander. I'd be amiss if I didn't sing it - another one bites the dust.

But I shouldn't be so shocked/sad for them. Ross announced a couple weeks ago that when President Obama let's us move (we must be in this house for 3 years to keep our tax credit), he wants to move to Georgetown. If he gets his way, they'll be singing another one bites the dust at me.

I'm not totally sold on this Georgetown thing, mainly because its REALLY far from downtown and could limit my career opps one day. But I agree with Ross on the idyllic nature of raising our kids in the same community he's firefighting. I'm all about close ties to home. Thus I've told my husband he has two years to prove two things to me: 1) we can get a kick ass house in the best neighborhood in town for under $250k and 2) that our kids can get a good education either because the public schools are on the up and up or there are affordable private schools.

And then we can say "Party in Georgetown Y'all" while another one bites the dust plays in the background. ;)

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