Aug 19, 2010

Rings, Pflags, Etc

For all the delta readers, so old news. But for others, the big news of the week was Jane and Chris got engaged! Woohoo! Since Jane can tell her own story, I'll just encourage you to read it on her blog.

They are thinking a 2012 wedding, maybe spring when its still cool. I think this is great. We've had two (very different) Boston summer weddings so spring would add a nice change to the Boston wedding scene.

Pronounced "flags" but like everything else in P-ville, it is an F sound that begins with a P, silly Pflugervillians. It is relevant though because it is our newspaper and I am going to start writing for it this month. Because I miss writing so much and because I've been intrigued by the idea of newspaper writing for a couple years now, I've chatted with the editor and will be doing a few freelance articles every month or so. I also think this is good timiing because as sad as it is, newspapers may not be around in their printed form for that much longer. If I want my writing to be printed on newsprint, I've got to get on it. You know in like 40 years, I'll be showing those clips to my grandkids and they are going to think they are as antiquated as I think microfilm is. I'm quite excited. :)

You should subscribe to the Pflag or at least, read it online. I'll update you as soon as my first article is out.

Ross' training weeks at GFD continue. Today was swift water training which was both a blessing and curse. On the one hand, it was a blessing that he spent a triple digit heat day in the lake. On the other, the man is pooped!

driving to camp
Speaking of pooped, Lexi is totally. We so infrequently are both at work all week that we started feeling bad for her. We remedied her boredom today by taking her to doggy day camp. Holy cow, she is WORN OUT! I'm glad she got the exercise and socialization though. Its always good for her. (Yes I am one of those puppy mommys who talks about their dog needing socialization. But whatever, my dog knows how to play nice.)

Saturday morning we're going to a breakfast fundraiser for one of the guys at the department. His daughter needs a surgery and our breakfast will help fund it. And gosh, do I love breakfast.

Also on Saturday, Brittany, Nichole and I are going to a wine tasting which I am super excited about. Its been years since I've been to one (ok well I've only really been to one...). I need to practice before my work wine tasting event on Thursday. So really, its all in the name of Girl Scouting.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your new blog background got my attention right away - very country-ish (though it could also just be your backyard fence). I can't wait to read your first newspaper article! Where is the wine tasting? Texas wines or any 'ol wine?


Cheryl said...

Haha it actually kinda reminds me of suburbia with all the fences. None of the other options felt right. I have a feeling though that the look will keep changing now that I have all kinds of design options.

Wine tasting is in Round Rock and I don't know what kinda wines it is. Just that its free.