Aug 15, 2010

It only feeds the fire

If you read this then I'm going to go out on a limb and say you know me. And you know I am mildly obsessed, in fact towing the line if bat-shit crazy, about traveling. Ross and I have made a pact to take two vacations a year (at least!) until we have kids. I kid you not, we get home from one and I'm planning the next. I've already started checking out hotels in South Carolina for our April trip!

Friday he told me something that only feeds the fire. On October 1, GFD does their vacation draft/lottery thing. They start with the most senior staffer and go down the list requesting days. After one round through, they start back at the top. There are 83 firefighters and Ross will be roughly number 75 in order to pick his days (the benefit of being the top of his recruitment class).

Attitash, NH ski destination
You know what this means right? Yup, by October 1 we have to figure out what weeks we want for vacation through September 30, 2011.

Obviously I'm on this like white on rice. Here's the rough draft of our vacation hopes and dreams
  • November 19-22: Tennessee to visit Gramma, Spike and Kathy
  • December 28-January 2: New Hampshire to ski and visit Woodacres with Ryan and Susannah (and for me, probably see Jane, Chris, Amanda, Joe and Taygan)
  • April 15-17: Lake Travis for Ross' 30th Birthday Spectacular
  • Folly Beach, SC
  • April 29-May 3: South Carolina for Ben-Anna's wedding and to frolic on Folly Beach...probably also with Ryan and Susannah
  • September 2011 sometime: Port Aransas
I think those should require 8-9 vacation days and he has 14. His plan is to request 10 days off and save four days for "oh crap" or to roll-over to the next fiscal year...which is good because you know where 2012 takes us: GREECE!

(See compulsive! Its August 2010 and I can probably tell you my vacation destinations through summer 2012. Ah but it makes my life so fun to know there are so many fantastic destinations in your future.)

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