Aug 5, 2010

Boston Wedding Bonanza

I just returned from six nights in one of my favorite cities...and from the title of this blog post, you can probably figure out which city that is.

Day 1, Thursday was kinda like a kindergartener's book. I drove in a car, flew on a plane, rode a bus and took a train to get to my final destination. A lesson in transportation. If only I had taken a boat ride at some point. I spent that night in Wellesley with my wonderful family eating delicious food and staying up late with my cousin Wes drinking wine. Poor Wes had to work the next morning but not I. (The beauty of vaca.)

DSC00590Day 2, Friday I met my TriDelta sisters at the BU Pub for lunch, wandered over to Fenway and made my way downtown. Kristin very kindly invited me to stay with her at the swank hotel Jess' wedding was at. We got checked in, ran into the bride and groom and headed out for a lobster dinner. YUM! Then it was back to BU for the rehearsal night party at, appropriate for the BU themed wedding, White Horse, one of our old stomping grounds. At White Horse we discovered the overwhelming wedding-nature of everything. Three engaged TriDeltas were there and a few others are looking down the tunnel of love at diamonds. Hence the "wedding bonanza" of it all.

DSC00591Day 3, Saturday started out with Kristin and I taking it fairly easy and ended with one awesome wedding. Jess and Rob had their ceremony at Marsh Chapel on campus and the reception at the Colannade Hotel in downtwon Boston. It was nothing shy of amazing. Rooftop cocktail hour, lighting effects in the ballroom, NY strip for dinner, live band and flip flops for when your heels became too much. Jess' dress was beautiful and her dad's speech was spot on one of the best I've heard. They invited the guests to join in their first dance and we rounded out the reception with a few choruses of "I am a T," our fav TriDelta rush song that I believe has been sung at all our weddings thus far. I think we had two photographers capturing that moment and I can't wait to see the pics. And of course in the middle of all that I got to meet baby Taygan, Amanda and Joe's little bundle of baby boy joy.

Day 4, Sunday Eight or so of the college friends met back near campus for a gluten-free brunch, recommendation of Jane and Chris. It was also Amanda and Joe's first anniversary and according to them, they loved spending it with all the guests from their wedding last year. Brunch ended trying to decide who would get married the last weekend of July/first weekend of August in 2011 so the tradition could stay alive. (It also ended knowing we'll all see each other at Ben and Anna's wedding in April which is quite promising.)

DSC00614Day 5, Monday was spent relaxing with the Renaud family in Brimfield. Lots of baby kissing.

DSC00617Day 6, Tuesday started in Brimfield and then migrated to Boston when Rachel, Amanda's sister, flew in from Florida. The four of us (3 girls and Taygan) spent the afternoon and night in Southie at Aunt Pam's place. As it was Taygan's 2 month birthday, we celebrated with cupcakes and wine. Taygan, I'm telling you now, all birthdays should be spent that way. (The sweets were from a local placed called Sweet Tooth and were soooo good. Its a good thing we don't have one of those that close to my house because I would eat it every day.)

Day 7, Wednesday was primarily a travel day but began nicely with a light Dunkin Donuts breakfast with Amanda and Rachel and then a tour of Arlington by Jane and lunch at pizza place in the town's center. Then to Logan, then Newark - which for the record I am never ever ever flying through again - and finally into Austin around 11:30 p.m. to be greeted by my perfect husband with red-tipped yellow roses, precisely my favorite kind of rose.

Whew! There you go, the Boston adventure in nutshell.

Now its back to work for a couple days, getting my life back in order after 2.5 weeks of being all over the place and getting Ross ready for his first day at GFD on Monday. Woohoo!

PS I had to go back and fix like 6 spelling errors in this blog post. I am clearly losing my writer's touch. Only practice makes perfect so I suppose...I shall have to blog more?

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