Aug 20, 2010

SHU too

You know I'm often on the hunt for writing prompts, so I'll take inspiration from Jane, Anna and the SHU Box for this one.

If the clock set back 60 minutes right now I would...
  • Probably repeat my evening. Its been pretty swell thus far.
If work were canceled and I had the day off, I would...
  • work out, ideally at a morning weight-lifting class (the kind offered by my gym always in non-morning hours)
  • have brunch with my hubby (in this fantasy-land, his work day is canceled too, with pay of course)
  • take Lexi to a dog park and enjoy weather below 90 degrees (obviously this is fantasy-land or not Texas in August at least) 
  • read a book or Texas Monthly from the new in-ground pool that would suddenly manifest itself in my backyard...complete with a waterfall
My Mexican Beach
If work were canceled for the next week, I would...
  • run off to Mexico...the safe, touristy beachy part
  • read books on Mexican beaches
  • get mildly more tan through my SPF 30
  • and eat shrimp for at least one meal per day
  • and not do any cooking or cleaning
If I could take a year paid sabbatical, I would...
  • immediately cancel as many bills as possible, beginning with my student loan payment which would be the most gratifying not to pay, followed only by a large portion of my AT&T bill. And find a renter for the house.
  • Crete = fantasy destination
  • spend at least two months in Europe visiting Venice, Rome, Florence, Athens, Crete, Seville, Madrid and other warm, near-the-Mediterranean locations
  • come back to US of A for Christmas and 4th of July, for sure. And probably good healthy portions of football season too. I do love all those very American things.
  • hop back on a plane and go down under to explore more of Australia, the south island of New Zealand, Fiji and the Cook Islands.
  • inevitably go up a dress size from all the delicious food I would never refuse while in such fun and amazing places
  • post-sabbatical, I would invest in WeightWatchers.

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