Aug 26, 2010

Lexi-Dog Underpants

A few weeks ago we were taking a bubble bath and into the bathroom pranced Lexi - fairly uncommon because she hates water and the bathtub. But what was even more uncommon was her, er, attire. She had boxers around her neck like a necklace!

Ross swore up and down that he did not put them on her before getting into the bath. Then how the heck did they get on her head!?

The next week we came home from where ever we were and she greeted us at the door with another boxer necklace. How was this happening? What did she do to get boxers on her head?

iphone_picIt had been a couple weeks since Lexi wore underpants but yesterday she and Ross were playing, tumbling and rough housing. She grabbed one of my sports bras in her mouth, shook it like a toy and threw it into the air. They landed on her head and with one puppy shake, became a sports bra necklace.

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